The IAE Systems and Government Contracting

There are 10 systems managed by the Integrated Awards Environment, supposedly all new and improved in order to make life easier for those seeking government awards and grants. It operates and maintains these 10 systems in order for the federal award process to run smoothly. If that is not an overstatement! It is only a smooth transaction, if you have lots of time on your hands to master the pages and pages of rules, regulations, applications.


Government Contracting and Current GSA/IAE

Wow, one who is new to the government contracting venue has to wonder how awful it was with regard to an awards environment before the IAE. It is confusing enough with this new “modern” form of award management systems. One can only imagine how any small business ever got through this disaster! It is so much better to have to pay a small fee for help in services than to waste time and energy attempting to go it alone!

Government Contracting and the IAE website

Hoping you are still with me here. The most confusing thing of all from these government contracting websites is the constant acronyms. It is so much easier to hire someone who knows this stuff inside and out to bet business going fast! Of course, the IAE offers all of its information and registering for free because no one in their right mind would ever consider paying to be this confused and disoriented with all the legal mumbo jumbo!

Government Contracting and the IAE 10 Systems

Yes, there are 10 systems which make up the IAE. They are the CFDA, CPARS, eSRS, FAPIIS, FBO, FPDS-NG, FSRS, PPIRS, SAM, and the WDOL. Also not that it is the IAE which manages the Federal Service Desk that gives help to those who need any, but only regarding SAM, CFDA, eSRS, FBO, and FSRS. The good thing is, if any of the latter is in question, you have two places to go for help.

Government Contracting and Information Technology

The IAE has two divisions, Government-wide Acquisition Operations division and the Integrated Awards division, taking care of all the IT issues within both divisions. IT is operated by the Associate Chief Information Officer of Acquisition. The IAE IT provides service to both the old system and new environment as well.

Government Contracts and Agile

Agile is helping the IAE become more up-to-date with the rest of the modernized world. There is do much that needs to be done in order to get IAE on track. It is so backwards, that when someone tries to use its services, and there are many daily who must register, the incompetence is horrible…blind leading the blind. Once can only hope they get their act together!