Government Contracting and Innovation

Did you know that the GSA has an advantage over other government agencies? It has the ability, along with the “authority” to do testing of sorts, or at least that is how I see it, to better their operations. My opinion is that would be something all companies should be able to take advantage of in order to make their companies run more efficiently.


Government Contracting and Current GSA/IAE

Wow, one who is new to the government contracting venue has to wonder how awful it was with regard to an awards environment before the IAE. It is confusing enough with this new “modern” form of award management systems. One can only imagine how any small business ever got through this disaster! It is so much better to have to pay a small fee for help in services than to waste time and energy attempting to go it alone!

Government Contracting Acronyms

Here’s a few: GSA, IAE, RFQ, RFP. When I say a few, I mean it! There are so many acronyms on the GSA website that you literally need a pen and paper to even make heads or tails of what they are saying. Hiring someone who knows the lingo is the way to go! Unless you have the time to decode the sites, GET HELP…it’s out there!