Government Contracting and CAO

The CAO (Chief Acquisition Officer) is a Senior Agency Official in the GSA, along with the SPE, and they are the leaders at the top responsible for leading all of the others involved with the GSA to encourage vendor engagement. Change must start at the top!


Government Contracting and SPE

It is the Senior Procurement Executive’s (SPE) job to “tone at the top” and be sure to lead in the GSA’s mission to take down the walls and be completely transparent, pleasing and engaging companies, while the acquisition progression is underway.

Government Contracting and Innovation

Did you know that the GSA has an advantage over other government agencies? It has the ability, along with the “authority” to do testing of sorts, or at least that is how I see it, to better their operations. My opinion is that would be something all companies should be able to take advantage of in order to make their companies run more efficiently.