Government Contracting and Small Business Communications

Considering the GSA’s number one commitment is to communicate with its vendor, it is important to note that this communication includes both small business and their subgroups as well.


Government Contracting Opportunities – Small Business

A small business is basically a business that is unable to get the bidding opportunities that the “Big Guys” get. It is important that the government give the small guy the same opportunities afforded the larger businesses by offering special breaks to give them a step up into the big leagues

Starting a Government Contracting Business

Don’t know the first thing about starting a government contracting business. Words out that the best place to go to learn about such an undertaking is to There, they have all the tools necessary to get started, except for a guide who can help maneuver one through the pages and pages of confusing wording and applications. Don’t be too discouraged, there is help out there, if you look for it.

Government Contracting Awards

Well, no, it is not the Academy Awards, but in the business world it can have the same affect on the winner. He/she will profit from being awarded a government contract. It takes lots of talent and work to be awarded, specifically learning how to navigate through all the government red tape. Are you willing to do what it takes?