Government Contracting and CAO

The CAO (Chief Acquisition Officer) is a Senior Agency Official in the GSA, along with the SPE, and they are the leaders at the top responsible for leading all of the others involved with the GSA to encourage vendor engagement. Change must start at the top!


Government Contracting and Government-wide Acquisition Operations

This division handles all of the daily operations, regarding all of the requirements of the procurement regulations which includes the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) which is handing the current, or if you will old IAE divisions.

Government Contracting and Acquisition

Acquisition, of course, is a fancier word for acquiring. Hence, we are talking about acquiring a government contract, and that is where it gets tricky. Hummm, how do we acquire a government contract? Well, the GSA, of course! Follow the yellow brick road at the GSA, with its twists and turns, and you too can get into the competition!